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    All our feed is formulated with performance and profitability of the cow in mind

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    All our beef feed is specially formulated for maximum daily liveweight gain

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    Formulating high quality nutritional solutions for your farming needs

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    Quality palatable ingredients sourced for optimum performance of both Ewe and Lamb

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Our Feeds

Paul and Vincent have an extensive range of animal feed products designed to suit the modern farm enterprise.

About Us

Paul & Vincent Feeds are dedicated to providing high quality nutritional solutions.

We know just what it takes to get you the best results in terms of animal nutrition, health and performance. All of the company’s products are formulated using best national and international research backed up by proven farm performance.

More About Us

Our Ingredients


High slowly fermentable energy source with a high starch content.


High starch and energy level, low in protein and fibre.


High starch level low in fibre.

Soya Bean Meal

High by pass protein content, high energy.

Distillers Dried Grains

High in energy and protein.

Soya Hulls

High digestible fibre content that contains slow releasing energy.


High digestible fibre source, good energy source with high sugar content.

Beet Pulp

Fermentable fibre with high sugar content.


High level of degradable protein.

Flaked Maize

Highly palatable and ensures a very coarse feed that can be fed at high levels.

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