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Calf Feeds

Paul and Vincent’s calf range is carefully formulated to produce a correctly balanced and highly palatable range of diets. We have a ration formulated at each stage of the growth phase in order to promote good growth rates, strong bone formation and good health. Special attention is paid to vitamin and mineral supplementation to enhance the ability of the young calf to resist disease and maintain the healthy growth rate required.

Calf Range

  • Crude protein 18%
  • High palatable calf starter ration
  • Contains high level of steam cooked flaked ingredients such as maize, barley and peas.
  • Designed to stimulate feed intake and along with good quality roughage will encourage good healthy growth with minimum digestive upsets.

  • Crude protein 17%
  • Top selling calf ration
  • Can be introduced from 3 weeks of age
  • High energy, starch based ration designed for maximum energy intake
  • Good source of digestible fibres in the form of pulps to aid healthy digestion
  • Protein sources in the form of Soya Bean Meal to aid maximum skeletal growth and bone formation
  • A very palatable solid calf ration with unrivalled results

  • Crude protein 16%
  • Maize based diet designed to feed to calves from 3 months onwards
  • Will promote excellent growth rates along with grass

  • Crude protein 16%
  • A highly palatable coarse calf diet
  • Good carefully selected ingredients to provide maximum growth rates

  • Crude protein 19%
  • Designed for the high genetic merit animal
  • Yeast included to improve digestion and performance
  • High level of starch based ingredients for maximum energy intake
  • Soya Bean Meal included as a protein source to maximise skeletal growth and bone formation.
  • High spec vitamin inclusion with protected minerals.

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