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Beef Feeds

Paul & Vincent has a very strong presence and is a market leader in supplying both beef rations and nuts to farmers. Our dedicated sales team are on farm working and listening to what the farmer requires for his livestock to provide a finished product to suit the specification of the processor and the consumer. With this in mind we are formulating beef feeds that are delivering excellent daily live weight gains, using only the finest quality traceable ingredients giving maximum feed conversion efficiency. We have a wide selection of beef feeds to suit all stages of production from the early growing stage right up to finishing stage.

When feeding concentrates to beef cattle they should be built up over a period of 3-4 weeks, introduce the feed gradually starting at 1.5 to 2kgs and increasing over the coming days and weeks. At feeding levels of 4kgs plus this should be split into two feeds to give the animal adequate time to digest and utilise the feed. If feeding indoors make sure the shed is adequately ventilated and cattle have access to clean fresh water at all times. Suitable forage should be supplied when feeding ad lib.

E.U.R 230 14%.

This nut does exactly what it says on the “Tin”. Its reputation grows yearly as an excellent finishing nut for bulls, heifers and steers. Best testimonials come from our customers who have finished animals at the factory. Other farmers often comment at the factory lairage “What are you feeding your cattle”, the real proof of this feed is realised at the weighing scales, where carcases achieve excellent confirmation scores, fat cover and great carcase weights.

  • 14% crude protein
  • Excellent energy delivered from maize and barley
  • Good digestible fibres to allow high feeding rates
  • Inclusion of live yeast which helps to stabilise the rumen allowing for ad lib feeding with suitable roughage
  • Suitable for all finishing systems, excellent live weight gains achieved
  • High specification minerals and vitamins used
  • A favourite with beef finishers, days to finishing parameters are frequently shortened

Hi Gain beef nuts is known far and near in farming circles for its consistent performance and is probably one of our best selling Beef Nuts. It can be used as a grower nut or for finishing livestock.

  • 15% Crude protein
  • Maize and barley complement each other to enhance live weight gain and carcase kill out
  • Good sources of protein help stimulate a good skeletal frame and healthy vigour
  • Vegetable oil increases the energy density of the diet
  • A balanced mineral and vitamin package

This beef Nut is high in energy with Maize and Barley and balanced with digestible fibres with Pulps and Soya hulls. Rapeseed and Distillers are included as good sources of protein.

A very versatile nut designed for cattle age six months to finishing. Ideally designed with starch and digestible fibres to complement grass in the spring/summer or silage in the winter to promote a good plane of nutrition.

  • 16% crude protein
  • Maize based nut which combined with digestible fibres and protein gives the animal a balanced blend for optimum performance.
  • Can be fed as a follow on nut from Super/Calf nuts.
  • Good sources of protein helping in the formation of strong bones and good growth
  • Excellent mineral and vitamin package to help keep your animals healthy and thriving.

Highly regarded all purpose nut, can be fed at lower levels to store cattle or increased amounts to finish cattle.

  • 14.5% crude protein.
  • Slowly releasing fermentable starch from Maize
  • Good blend of fibres to complement feeding at grass or with silage to help rumination
  • Good blend of minerals and vitamins

A competitively priced nut, fed when grass is tight or forage supplies are low, to help maintain the growth of the animal, and keep a good plane of nutrition. This is a very palatable nut when fed at grass or with a forage.

  • 14% crude protein
  • Maize as highest inclusion in descending order
  • Good sources of digestible fibres
  • Excellent mineral and vitamin package

An excellent formulated coarse ration for finishing Bulls, steers, heifers and cull cows. Ideally suited for total mixed rations, or fed at the feed barrier/trough with a suitable forage. Farmers feeding bulls have experienced 2kgs + when fed on an ad lib basis. Excellent carcass confirmation scores and fat cover/colour tick all the boxes both for the farmer and processor, achieving excellent profit for the farmer and a product conforming to tight specifications which the consumer requires from the processor.

Repeat business and word of mouth from our beef customers to other farmers insure sales of this ration are growing strongly from year to year

  • 13% crude protein
  • High inclusions of Maize and Barley are excellent sources of carbohydrate enhancing daily live weight gain and feed conversion efficiency
  • Beet pulp and soya hulls act as great sources of fibre, keeping the feed longer in the rumen and helping excellent feed conversion efficiency
  • Soya Bean Meal and rapeseed are great sources of protein ensuring a great carcass frame and keeping the animal healthy and thriving
  • Excellent minerals and vitamins ensure a healthy animal

A low protein high energy ration suitable for finishing bulls, steers, heifers and cull cows. Can also be fed ad lib with a suitable fibre source. Excellent live weight gains are being achieved with our customers who feed this ration. With cattle killing out very well on the grid achieving maximum Carcass payments per kg

  • Barley and maize based
  • Digestible fibres to help with heavy feeding
  • Traceable protein ingredients used along with a balanced formulation to deliver great feed conversion efficiency.
  • Excellent beef mineral and vitamin package

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