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Dairy Feeds

We in Paul & Vincent always strive to produce the best products to achieve the optimal results from our customer’s herds. Our dairy feeds are produced using the finest ingredients and formulated using the latest technologies and scientific research to ensure a healthy and profitable cow and a sustainable and profitable dairy enterprise for the farmer.

Summer Dairy Range

  • 16% crude protein
  • 5kg feeding rate
  • Formulated for the high yielding cow. This Maize based high energy nut has an excellent reputation for milk output and fertility.
  • Slowly fermentable energy is supplied with Maize in order to drive milk solids and maintain body condition score.
  • Digestible fibres in the form of Soya Hulls and Pulps help in creating a good environment for digestion of fresh spring grass.
  • Soya Bean Meal which acts as a by-pass protein source is used to compliment the high levels of rumendegradable protein in grass which maximises production and milk solids.
  • Novatan is added to the diet which is a specific blend of essential oils. Novatan helps in the Rumen to reduce protein breakdown and improve microbial protein synthesis, resulting in improved milk yield, Reduced milk urea level, Improved fertility, milk protein % and Firmer dung consistency.
  • High specification Minerals and Vitamins included

  • 14% crude protein
  • 3kg feeding rate
  • A high UFL dairy feed with a proven track record in dairy units. An ideal complement to grass.
  • High starch levels will deliver good milk solids and maintain body condition score.
  • High Maize (glucogenic) based nut, designed for Spring/Summer grazing
  • Soya Hulls & Pulps aid in the digestion of spring grass, creating ambient conditions in the Rumen for optimal uptake of essential nutrients
  • Formulated with special emphasis on fertility, health & production

  • 15% crude protein
  • 3kg feeding rate
  • A very popular summer dairy nut, giving the cow balanced nutrition to maximise her potential in a spring calving herd.
  • Maize is the leading supplier of energy complemented with Soya hulls and Rapeseed to balance the diet.
  • Has an excellent mineral package and will promote good milk production and fertility

  • 16% crude protein
  • 3kg feeding rate
  • A well regarded dairy nut with either the suckler or dairy cow in mind.
  • Will encourage milk production and help maintain good body condition with the aim of getting the cow back in calf.

  • 14% crude protein
  • 2.5kg feeding rate
  • A competitively priced dairy nut designed for the grass based cow.
  • A very palatable summer dairy diet with a very comprehensive mineral mix.
  • Two Kgs supplies an energy package for 4 litres of milk.

  • 17% crude protein
  • 4kg feeding rate
  • Designed for difficult grazing conditions in early spring and late autumn and is an ideal concentrate to be fed at both shoulders of the year.
  • It will assist with the transition period of cows being turned out to grass in the spring and at housing in the autumn/winter time.
  • The Transition Nut comprises of a good source of bypass starch along with solid raw materials in the form of fibres and proteins.
  • A top Selling nut where difficult grazing conditions can persist.

Winter Dairy Range

  • Crude protein 21%
  • High energy content formulated with today’s genetics in mind.
  • Megalac included for improved body condition, milk protein% & milk yield.
  • High starch level for increased performance.
  • Carefully selected mix of digestible fibres for enhanced performance.

  • Crude protein 19%
  • High maize & wheat content
  • Good mix of protein ingredients such as Soya Bean Meal to optimise performance.
  • Carefully formulated & balanced with solid digestible fibre sources.
  • Yeast included to create a healthy rumen environment to give the cow every opportunity to perform

  • Crude protein 18%
  • A solid high energy ration to encourage increased milk yield & protein %.
  • Will maintain body condition & promote good herd fertility.
  • Excellent digestible fibre energy sources.
  • Top selling Paul & Vincent winter dairy nut.

  • Crude protein 18%.
  • A good mix of raw materials used to sustain good yields.
  • Can be used economically in higher yielding cows as a suitable mid-late season concentrate which has a high enough level to maintain yields at a very reasonable cost.

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