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Sheep Feeds

Paul & Vincent has a long history of supplying top quality sheep feeds to sheep farmers, helping them to drive production and profit. We use only quality traceable ingredients in our diets formulated to suit the pregnant/mothering ewe to highly palatable feeds for their growing lambs, maximising a viable and profitable enterprise for the sheep farmer.

  • 18% Crude protein
  • High energy derived from Maize, with beet pulp giving energy and a great source of fibre
  • Fed pre and post lambing, ideal for ewes carrying multiple lambs, where the ewe requires extra concentrated nutrition, for strong lambs and vigour at birth.
  • Excellent protein sources to keep the ewe healthy and promote great milk production.
  • Fortified with high quality minerals and vitamins, with enhanced levels of vitamin E to enrich colostrum and lamb thrive

  • 18% crude protein
  • Excellent nutritionally balanced feed for pregnant/mothering ewes
  • Optimum levels of cereals and digestible fibres especially beet pulp
  • A favourite with both lowland and hill sheep farmers
  • A balanced mineral and vitamin package with elevated levels of vitamin E for fortified colostrum for suckling lambs

  • 16.5% crude protein
  • A favourite with sheep farmers for young lambs up to finishing
  • Excellent palatability, can be fed ad lib with a suitable forage or creep fed in the field
  • Excellent levels of starch with Maize and barley, Soya Bean Meal is the main source of protein
  • Lambs been fed intensive lamb experience great live weight gain, and excellent carcass confirmation and kill out in the factory
  • Contains Ammonium Chloride which helps prevent Urinary Calculi in male lambs.

  • 16% crude protein
  • Traditionally used as a follow on from Intensive Lamb, mid to late summer for store lambs
  • Excellent lamb/store lamb performance finishing nut
  • Very palatable promoting great intakes maximising daily live weight gains, and feed conversion efficiency
  • Suitable for either indoor or outdoor feeding, contains Ammonium Chloride to prevent Urinary Calculi
  • A proven feed providing great thrive in a cost effective way for the farmer enhancing profitability from his flock

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